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Product Description

This product is for ordering and making a deposit for a site for eCommerce.

What happens next?

After ordering, please contact me via the Messenger icon in the bottom right of this page. We can set a time and date that suits you to sit down and chat.

We’ll discuss the aims you have with the site, and gather all of the information we need. With this information, I’ll create your online site and get everything set up for you. We’ll decide on what your website address will be (usually your company name) and get that ordered and set up, along with any email addresses you may want that end in your domain name.

I’ll need to know your business area and where you operate. For example, do you sell cakes that people collect? Maybe you sell plastic figurines to just the UK (or EU). I’ll also need to know the level of contact information you’d like to have on show. Would like to list your phone number or rather just your email address? Would you like them to be able to contact you via Facebook Messenger?

I’ll also need to know what kind of functionality you would like. Do you want customers to pay for products using PayPal? Are you VAT registered and need to charge VAT on all sales? Would you like a order tracking system for the customer? Maybe you want the website to be available in many languages?

Would you like invoices to print off automatically on your workplace or home printer when an order comes through?

This will be an informal chat. Just to find out what you want to give you the site you want.

Lastly, I’ll need some pictures for the site. Usually these are of your establishment or of your range of products. If you don’t have any, I have licences with stock photo companies and can get photos for your site that represent the products you sell and give the impression you want. This is your website, and you have the final say on what goes on it.


Once all of this information has been gathered, I’ll create your website and get it done as soon as possible. I’ll let you know when it’s done and you can have a look. If you like what you see then great! If there’s anything you want to have changed, then you can let me know and I’ll do it for you. Don’t forget, with 12 months hosting, you get these changes for free at any time you need it. If you need to add something to your site (like a new package deal), you can just let me know and I’ll add it.

Once that’s all done and you’re happy, you can start letting potential customers or friends know about it and start sharing it around. Customers will be able to see your products online and be able to purchase them or contact you via messenger, which is convenient and easy for both parties. There will just be a final payment of £550 to make for your website, and £120 for your yearly hosting.

A word about eCommerce

With my hosting, you get unlimited storage of your product photos, and unlimited traffic too. You won’t be charged or restricted for have 10 or 10 million visitors per day. There will be work involved in running your eCommerce business. Including editing product photos (I can do this but it will be extra), and spreading the word on Facebook and online. This package includes the following:

  • Registering the domain name
  • Creating your email addresses
  • Applying the SSL certificate
  • Creation of the website and getting it set up ready for your products
  • Providing hands on training on how to use the website via Remote Desktop
  • Setting up your email software via Remote Desktop
  • Providing advice and training if required

It does not include:

  • Editing and inserting your products to the site
  • Writing descriptions for your products
  • Editing product images (this can be done but at extra cost depending on number)

If you are unsure, please get in touch via Messenger in the bottom right.


Have you considered getting a letterhead professionally printed that you can spread your brand to potential customers? This works a treat, and they can take something away and look at it later on. Giving a graphic on a letter with your products on reminds them to see more about you and log on to your website!


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