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Our SEO Boost package is a premium and effective back link generating service. Google looks at other websites, and if your website is linked within that one, it adds authority to it. Google then looks at the context. So if your website sells vehicle lights, and someone says “I got these great lights at”, then that website will appear higher in the search results if someone were to search for ‘lights’.

That is essentially how it works. This SEO boost package places your website on loads of other websites and social media platforms, within the correct context for your website to climb the ranks of Google or Bing for the correct search terms.

I will find out which keywords your competitors use, and where they rank within the search rankings. I’ll also find keywords that people search for the most to find your products.

The new links are indexed by Google and others, very quickly, so results should be quick. Please note, that depending on the difficulty of your keywords, you may need to purchase this service multiple times in order to get onto page 1 of Google. I will keep an eye on your keywords for a month after you purchase this pack, so you will be able to see what difference it has made. You can also purchase this pack multiple times for more effective ranking.

If you’d like to discuss this further, you can simply start a chat via messenger on the bottom right of this page.


This pack gives you:

  • Keyword research into the best keywords to use.
  • Website research into your site page structure.
  • 1 Month of monitoring, after which a PDF report will be emailed to you with results.

You will get your site, posted within the following places and in context:

  • 30 Web 2.0 blogs (Dedicated accounts) 
  • 30 DA (Domain Authority) 50+ 
  • 50 DA (Domain Authority) 30+ 
  • 4625 Social Media Profile Backlinks (forum & social networks) 
  • 1200+ links in the campaign results
  • Minimum links campaign result 700 links
  • Premium sites list, more than 400 sites have a Domain Authority (DA) > 30+


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